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December 15, 2015





The past few years have been a time of major growth and evolution for me. These metamorphic experiences are a reminder that there is ALWAYS more to learn. We never stop growing; we are continuously reaching deeper levels of understanding. Living in L.A. in particular has taught me that following your passion requires 110% of your energy. As such, I have been practicing ways to reclaim and redirect energy toward achieving my goals.


As a child, I would make a list of all the toys I wanted for Christmas. These lists would be extensive and detailed, as to leave no room for error on the part of Santa Claus. The top 3 on the list were usually the items I couldn't stop telling my parents about, which also translates to the things that I spent the most energy on. These also were the items that I received. 

Now that I'm older, I know how very little material possessions are worth in the grand scheme of this universe (stuff can distract you from the truth of your reality...more on that in the next post) but that still doesn't stop me from making lists of things I want. Now, my lists include things like: booking an acting job, loving and accepting my physical body, living in the moment, finding an apartment, growing my hair to waist length, finding a conscious creative community, joining the 5 A.M. club, doing yoga everyday, eating healthy, and continuing my self-improvement. 


It's true that in this case there's no Santa Claus to bring you these things. BUT there is your Subconscious. They even have the same abbreviation ;) The subconscious mind is defined as:


  1. of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings.
    "my subconscious fear"

  2. unconscious, latent, suppressed, repressed, subliminal, dormant,underlying, innermost;"subconscious desires"


  1. the subconscious part of the mind (not in technical use in psychoanalysis, where unconscious is preferred).

  2. (unconscious) mind, imagination, inner(most) self, psyche"the creative powers of the subconscious"

When you sit down and make the list, your subconscious mind IS taking note! It will help you to recognize opportunities in life that will enable you to work toward your goals. When you grow the amount of the energy that you have available to give to the goals on your list, the faster your aspirations will come into fruition.  Energy can be neither created nor destroyed; it's merely transformed from one form to another. This is why we must RECYCLE the misplaced energy in our lives.


In my case, the recycled energy came from:

1. Old grudges I was holding on to. Remedy: I forgave, let go of, and transformed the energy I was pouring into pain toward practicing positivity.


2. Keeping ties with "friends" that didn't actually care about or support me. Remedy: I no longer invest my time/energy into maintaining those relationships. Now I just send these people positive energy from afar. 


3. Holding onto aspirations that my family wanted for me that weren't in alignment with my inner truth. Remedy: Recognizing that my parents did what they thought was right for me based on their experiences and be grateful that I have such amazing parents who do their best and want more for me!


Another example of misplaced energy could include hookups--or anyone, really-- that didn't treat you how you deserved. To remedy this hurt, mentally thank these people for the experience (because now you know better!) and send them off with love and light. 


Once you do this, you will feel so much lighter, much more positive, and ready to tackle every goal on your list. So there you have it. This holiday season, instead of making a list of material possessions you'd like to have, make a list of ways in which you want to improve yourself and this beautiful world we are a part of by recycling the misplaced energy in your life! Your SC (subconscious) will help you along the way.

Love and light,


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