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April 12, 2016

From our effervescent health and wellness columnist Kimora Brock (see her in movement above) a few words on pursuing a plant-based diet.

I never, ever thought that I would be "vegan."



Growing up, I was fed the Standard American Diet and loved every minute of it. My favorite meal was collard greens with ham hocks, sweet potatoes (better known as candied yams) and my Mom's specialty macaroni and cheese and Egyptian lamb. Little did I know, like many people, that over-processed food grown from the seeds of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) gives the human body little to no nutritional value. And it's not just bad for our bodies—it's deeply detrimental to the soil that sustains us.

I’ve avoided this topic for a while now even though it's one that I’m most passionate about because of my fear of negative response. But the truth always refuses to stay hidden. On my journey toward health and wellness, I’ve found that being vegan is not just a diet for me, it's a lifestyle that really supports every aspect of who I am and how I can better impact this planet. Removing meat and dairy from your life mitigates animal suffering, is better for the environment, saves water, increases your compassion and kindness as well as can heal your body and give you more energy.


If we really break it down, it’s not at all about being vegan. It’s about making a choice when you've been raised choice-less. It’s about asking what you can do when mainstream society's rules for eating don’t support environmental health and animal life. We live in a society where GMO foods are normal and you’re considered divergent if you get a meal without meat or dairy. If you look at any traditional restaurant menu, almost all of the options have meat and dairy. Even though there are ways to eat without it and restaurants that cater to vegan diets, most people aren’t given the choice.

Making this choice is about finding the courage and the knowledge to do something different. To do something that gives my body the vitality, speed, mental clarity, stamina and endurance I need to pursue my lofty dreams and achieve my goals. 


Be inspired, never get tired.


Love and light,


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