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March 28, 2018


As an environmental arts and wellness blog, it is important for me to recognize and support brands that are doing their best to raise the global consciousness, and provide our planet with earth and eco-friendly products and services. I'm extremely excited to finally be able to share with you all an eco-friendly and very sustainable clothing brand based in Los Angeles that is making our world a better place. 


My first introduction to Superego Clothiers was my freshman year of college. Attempting to show my teammates a new trick I just learned, I flew off my longboard and ripped the skin off my back. When I tell you this scar was deep, it was DEEP. The nurse had to pick gravel out of my skin for the following 2 days, and many friends said it looked like a bear mauled me. It was a really bad-ass looking scar, but it hurt to shower, lie down, hug, sleep with covers on, and wear clothes. It just so happened that the next day, I picked up a t-shirt from my track team captain. Little did I know that my life would change, and my eyes would be open to the world of sustainable fashion. 


Superego specializes in creating the softest and most sustainable clothing made from HEMP—making it an antimicrobial, UV, AND odor resistant t-shirt that's good for the environment. I was actually able to wear the shirt and its breathability allowed my scar to heal in the process.


CEO of Superego Tommie Lark, ( @t_larkington on IG, and also my former track team captain) has a passion for sustainable fashion. In our meeting, he explained how using hemp, instead of cotton, uses 50% less water, doesn’t require any pesticides to grow, and produces 4x the amount of fiber, per acre, compared to trees. Hemp does all this in a span of 3 months, verses the 30 years it takes to grow a tree, therefore eradicating rainforest depletion.  


Superego is a  r e v o l u t i o n against the wasteful and destructive billion dollar fashion industry. If the principles used to create their clothing were used on a global scale, there would be an exponential shift in the quality of life for people on the planet.


Cleaner air, cleaner water, restoration of the rainforests, cessation of habitat destruction and thus sustained life of various keystone species and prevention of the eminent collapse of our ecosystem. 


GOOD NEWS! This is just what’s happening. Most recently, Superego has scored a huge collaboration and teamed up with holistic herbalist and former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams ( @williams on IG) to end the stigma against hemp and enlighten the masses surrounding the difference between hemp and medical grade marijuana. Their knowledge radiates to topics surrounding the benefits of both, various hemp products, and plant- based lifestyles. Superego is establishing themselves as not only a fashion brand, but an educational platform. 


Their slogan, "CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH™", is a literal description of the clothing and the people wearing it. The individuals who wear this brand are different than the norm, in that, they are truth seekers, and choose what's best for the common good— while the clothing is literally a different fabric than what most are used too.


Needless to say, I am absolutely so proud of the ethically brilliant and sustainable values held by Superego. I love my shirts and am excited to see this company grow and blossom with their kindred spirit, Ricky Williams. This company truly lives up to its purpose as, "a lifestyle brand that is building a culture of sustainable living through quality hemp products and multimedia.” For more information, and to pick up your own gear, check out

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